Marcus Kittrell
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Do you have a car wash you are
 interested in selling?

You should contact us at Mammoth Holdings. We understand the connection owners often have with the businesses and selling is not always easy. We would like to welcome you to learn and understand more about Mammoth Holdings to create an easy transition of selling your car wash. We are an express exterior tunnel car wash company that believes in Team Work, Loyalty, Respect, Engagement, and Doing Right by our internal and external customers. 

You can take a portion of your proceeds from your sale and reinvest in Mammoth Holdings. Not only getting the upside of your existing locations, but in the upside of our existing 56 locations (and growing) and all the stores that join our Mammoth team.

Tax -deferred investing, when you exit you have to do something with your cash that gets good returns. Taking a portion of your proceeds and rolling back into Mammoth allows that to occur. 

We are growing same store sales, building locations, and purchasing new locations. 

As we all understand EBITDA evaluations of organizations with higher EBITDA bring a higher multiple. By joining the Mammoth Team you leverage your investment and equity to bring a larger return on your capital. 

Buying power, we get discounts you can't as an individual operator. In other words, there are 1-2-3-4 percentage in savings in chemicals and equipment that as an chain of 2-4-8 stores you just can't get. This is basically free money that falls to the bottom line, percentages that accumulate and drive larger evaluations. 

Your people have 10 times the opportunity. Our Manager in Training programs, our learning paths, and the growth opportunities are significantly greater than as regional brands that stand alone. 

One of the biggest reasons, you get to take some chips off the table. You can get cash out of your business at a time that the market is hot and at a fair evaluation of your locations. 

You get rid of any personal guarantees with the company. So no more going to the bank and signing your life away over and over. You get to invest and get a great upside to grow in car washing without personal guarantees. 

You can help build or buy locations and still work with Mammoth Holding at a different capacity. 

We invite you to contact us about your business below. If you do not want to fill out the form below contact us directly.

Marcus Kittrell

Phone: 1 (205) 966 - 5931


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